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AIM DAFx 2022 best paper award

The International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx) 2022 took place in Vienna, 6th-10th September 2022.

AIM PhD student Cyrus Vahidi published and presented Differentiable Time-Frequency Scattering on GPU, which received a best paper award.

This work was conducted during a visit to AIM academic partner, l’Equipe SIMS, LS2N (CNRS, France), in collaboration with Kymatio.

Kymatio is an open-source Python package for wavelet scattering and deep learning. Kymatio 2022, a two-day international workshop, took place in Nantes in May 2022. Kymatio 2023 will be announced in the coming months.

AIM Research Posters – DMRN 2019

The first cohort to enter the AIM programme presented their research directions in a poster session at the Digital Music Research Network (DMRN) 2019 workshop. The workshop is hosted at QMUL on an annual basis by the Centre for Digital Music, bringing together digital music researchers from across the world to discuss a diverse range of topics within sound and music computing.

Generating Emotionally Responsive Music using Artificial Intelligence – Berker Banar

Automatic music transcription with end-to-end deep neural networks – Lele Liu

Deep learning and multi-modal models for the music industry – Ilaria Manco

Real-Time Gesture Classification on an Augmented Acoustic Guitar using Deep Learning to Improve Extended-Range and Percussive Solo Playing – Andrea Martelloni

Polyphonic Music Transcription using Deep Learning – Mary Pilataki-Manika
New perspectives in instrument-based audio source separation – Saurjya Sarkar

Musical Smart City – Pedro Sarmento

Optical music recognition using deep learning – Elona Shatri

Perceptual end to end learning for music understanding – Cyrus Vahidi