We are delighted to be working with a number of industrial, academic and research partners. Partners contribute in a number of ways:

  • Student industry placements
  • Student sponsorship
  • Staff time
  • Donate software and data
  • Coach and mentor students
  • Suggest research projects
  • Access to facilities and equipment


Becoming a Partner

There are three ways of becoming partners of the AIM CDT:

(1) By supporting one or more studentships (in part or in full):
(2) By in-kind contributions of training, supervision, and/or hosting of internships:
(3) By in-kind contributions of data, hardware or resources for one or more specific PhD projects:

Prospective partners should discuss their interest with Dr Mathieu Barthet (AIM Industry Partnerships; m.barthet@qmul.ac.uk) or Prof. Simon Dixon (AIM Director; s.e.dixon@qmul.ac.uk), and they are welcome to reach out to individual prospective supervisors at QMUL (see Staff list on this website. They should then provide a letter of support expressing the intended level of support, including an estimate of the cash value of any in-kind contributions.


Industry Partners

The following partners are currently supporting PhD projects through studentships or in kind support:


Other existing partners include:


Academic Partners


Training & Research Partner