James Bolt one of the AIM CDT 2022 cohort student won the Synth Design Hackathon and was invited to present the project (video below) at Superbooth in Berlin (Germany).

FranKnitStein – A repurposed sewing machine for ambient sound production by James Bolt (AIM CDT) in collaboration with Teodoro Dannemann (MAT CDT) was one of two winners in the Synth Design Hackathon back in February.

The project utilised a hand cranked sewing machine and a mechanical hand. The main aim was to use as many of the mechanical motions of the sewing machine as possible. The addition of a mechanical hand not only added to the visual interest but also provided a different playing style.

James and Teo added three main sound producing techniques all linked to the motion of the sewing machine.

More information and a video of the instrument at

FranKnitStein // Synthesizer by James Bolt + Teodoro Dannemann + // Synthux Academy