AIM at Sequences in London Workshop

Sequences in London is a 2-day workshop that aims to gather researchers working on different aspects of symbolic sequences, including string algorithms and data structures, computational biology, music information retrieval, and combinatorics on words, as well as application areas.

At the half-day for music information retrieval, AIM student Lele Liu gave a talk about her work on sequence modelling for audio-to-score music transcription. The talk briefly introduces her research in transcribing musical recordings into machine-readable scores by using deep sequential models. Feel free to find out more about her research here!

AIM at AI UK 2022

AI UK is the UK’s national showcase of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science research and collaboration hosted by The Alan Turing Institute. The conference happened on 22-23 March this year. At the conference, AIM student Lele Liu presented her research on automatic music transcription at the Turing PhD, enrichment and visiting student poster session.

You can find the poster below.