Logo of SMC 2024 conferenceOn 4–6th July, several AIM PhD students will participate in the 2024 conference on Sound and Music computing (SMC 2024) in Porto, Portugal. With this years theme being ‘immersive’, the conference brings together interdisciplinary work from composers, scientists and other researchers tackling engagement with digital sound and music.

The Centre for Digital Music will be present with work ranging from piano transcription to latent audio models. We look forward to sharing the below papers, authored or co-authored by AIM members:

  • A Generative Framework for Composition-aware Loop Recommendation In Music Production: Drum2Bass Use Case, by Xiaowan Yi and Mathieu Barthet
  • Simulating Piano Performance Mistakes for Music Learning Context, by Alia Morsi (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Huan Zhang, Akira Maezawa (Yamaha Corporation), Simon Dixon and Xavier Serra (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
  • Temporal Analysis of Emotion Perception in Film Music: Insights from the FME-24 Dataset, by Ruby O.N Crocker and George Fazekas
  • Reconstructing the Charlie Parker Omnibook using an audio-to-score automatic transcription pipeline, by Xavier Riley and Simon Dixon