Logo of acoustics.ac.uk, the UK acoustics networkThe Centre for Digital Music will be hosting the second in-person meet-up of the UK Acoustics Network special interest group on Spatial Acoustics and Immersive Audio (SIG-SAIA) on the 10th of May, 2024, at Queen Mary University of London. The meetup will be organised by Dr Aidan Hogg, Lecturer in Computer Science at C4DM and Queen Mary, who is also SIG-SAIA group co-ordinator.

The meetup will feature short talks from researchers working in the group’s remit, including AIM PhD student Chin-Yun Yu who will give a talk on “Time-of-arrival estimation and phase unwrapping of head-related transfer functions with integer linear programming”, and C4DM Post-Doctoral Research Assistant and former AIM PhD student Saurjya Sarkar who will give a talk on “Time-domain music source separation for choirs and ensembles”. The meetup will conclude with a backstage visit at the Royal Opera House.

More information on the meetup and information on how to attend can be found at: https://acoustics.ac.uk/second-in-person-sig-saia-meet-up/